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  • Not done, not lost, not anything.

    I feel like I’m just another person writing about the elections who doesn’t really add anything new, but at the same time it feels weird not to post anything about it. I look back on my life through my blog, so how can I skip such an important day?

    I didn’t really know how to feel about the election. I never expected Trump to win, I thought they’d go with Clinton. I didn’t think that people would vote for someone who has said and has been accused of so many terrible things. But, what has happened, happened. We can’t go back, so we need to move forward. The best thing we can do to move forward is to spread love and equality. Openly support LGBTQ+, black and womans rights. Support abortions, support everone. Protest if you can and think it’s neccessary.

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  • Experiences
  • Time To Travel


    Traveling is one of the most amazing things there is, in my opinion. And as with all great things, it isn’t easy. There are many factors that determine if you’re going to travel and if it’s going to be great or not. And today, I’m announcing a series that will help you have the best time of your life.