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  • You need bad days


    If you don’t know what it feels like to be down, you won’t know when you’re up. It’s important for the quality of your life to know all different sides of it. There are ups, there are downs and there are days in the middle. You wil be sad, you will be happy, you’ll be numb but in the end it will all be worth it. Create, share & love.

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  • Take care of yourself

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    I haven’t been feeling so well lately. I was on this road of self-discovery, self-love and growth but my mind got distracted by all the things I had to do. It’s been hard for me to work every day, see my friends & keep up this blog. All things I really want/have to do, but it’s getting hard to combine all of them.

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  • Stressed but still happy

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    Happiness is a choice, even when things are not going your way you can be happy.
    Find happiness in the flowers, the sun, your friends, your family, your collegues.
    The one girl who smiles at you on the way to work.
    The handsome guy you probably won’t ever see again.
    Think about your first ever summer love, or your next trip out of town.

    Destress, relax. It’s all in your mind.

  • About veganism
  • 4+ months of being vegan

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    You get used to it, but others don’t.

    You get used to reading labels and saying no, but people are still surprised and still ask you why you don’t eat meat. Enthousiastically telling you that there will be pizza at the party and then asking why you aren’t happy about it. “Uhm. Well. Vegan.” “Oh. Yeah. Uhm well we have potato chips..?”.

    Closer friends do really try hard to make sure there’s something for me to eat which is really great. I have one vegan friend (in real life) and I love spending time with her because I know there will be something for me to eat there.

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  • I’m a girl, so?

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    Being a girl means some things, but it doesn’t mean all the things people are trying to put on me. I don’t have to behave girly, I don’t have to shave. I can swear if I want, I can like sports. I can wear baggy clothes without being ‘manly’. I can do anything guys can do, just like they can do anything I can do. There are no limits in this world. Stop pretending there are.