The difference between stars and stars

The difference between stars and stars

Looking at the stars inspires me
Reading the names written on them grounds me

What are you doing here so late – it’s a sunday night
Walking the other way of everyone else

I am looking for myself
Not expecting to find it, but then I do

There I am
Small girl – no one – in a big city, a big world

More anonymous than the one’s with their names written
Written on the stars

I don’t know them, they don’t know me
I guess it doesn’t mean that much after all

What am I doing here so late..

The stars inspire me,
The lights blind me,

I am looking for something,
but it’s nowhere to be found

Decripting your inscription

Decripting your inscription

when you think you know

but then realize

nothing is ever certain

the truth only exists in one moment

and moments fade away

Re re re re re try

Re re re re re try

I spent a month abroad a while back and when I came back I wrote this;

On a cold rainy monday, right before a new month began, a question haunted me. “But what do you do?”. In that moment I decided to give myself something to do: I’m relaunching my old blog. But forreal this time. No more doubts, no more deleting and starting over and over and over. (more…)