Behind the blog

The person – Behind every post on this blog is me, Isabel, an 18-year-old almost-student with big dreams and a love for many things, including (but not limited too) writing, photography, books and coffee. I am an INFP, Sagittarius (sun, scorpio moon, sagittarius rising), Gryffindor, Horned Serpent (… if there’s a test I missed please let me know). My favorite color is sunset-coral and my favorite show is anything crime or superhero related.

This my instagram, this is my tumblr.

The idea  – This blog is a place for me to share my thoughts, ideas, stories, photographs and more. A place to share my life, really. A clean slate for me to fill in exactly the way I want. So I guess you’ll be seeing and reading my thoughts and creations here.

Here’s my  YouTube channel.