My health journey & why I created IC

Hey! Before you start reading, I want to say that I’m going to talk about my health journey in this post, which includes a part about my bad relationship with food. So if that’s something that might be triggering for you, please be careful while reading this or skip this post altogether!

My ‘health journey’ started when I was around 17. Before that I never really cared about being healthy – I never gave it much thought. Sure not being sick would be nice but it only happened about once a year anyway (and I got to skip school then so yay!), but I ate whatever my came onto the table and whatever tasted good.

IMG_9838 (2)

I was never overweight but I started to struggle with my weight when I was in puberty and I was afraid of getting fat. I was pretty skinny back then (skinnier than I am now and I’m still at a healthy weight) and I had always been skinny, but somehow that’s not what I saw in the mirror. I tried to go to the gym, I did that for a while and then stopped (I only enjoyed it because I went with a friend anyway), I tried eating less but ended up binging, which obviously didn’t work either and then I came across Freelee the banana girl. I don’t know if you know Freelee, but she made videos criticizing other youtubers diets/videos (which is how I found her) and promoted a ‘raw till 4’ diet, which means raw fruits and veggies all day and then a cooked dinner. More aspects of the diet include unlimited calories with minimal excercise. Though if what she promoted is healthy is debatable at best, this did really help me start my vegan journey as well as my health journey. I finally gave up on restricting myself and listened to my body as it asked for food.

There are so many people on youtube that promote all these different things and I believed them. I was convinced I could eat as much as I wanted, I was convinced that eating the way they did was the healthiest possible way to eat and so where a lot of others just like me. I didn’t know how to check if all of that was true, I only really learned how to find valid sources this year, when I started university. And I realized that there are a lot of other people who don’t know how to check if what someone is saying is true. that just blindly follow what they’re told, because those people can be very convincing, and very good at shushing people that criticize them. So I decided to be the change I wanted to see – to follow in Ghandi’s foodsteps – and create this platform that is truthful, transparant and has a holistic approach on health. My goal with IC is to give people what they need to make thought-out decisions about their health. No BS, no lies, no hidden agenda. Just the truth.

xxx Isabel